About Tom — Life and Thoughts

Tom Chapman lived a significant part of his early life on the rural fringe of Melbourne on a small family poultry farm. Such areas have long since been swallowed up by suburbia, but from those times (and others) there were many precious personal memories, some of which are shared in his poetry.

Tom's subsequent life did not involve rural pursuits, but went from electronics and audio engineering design to music teaching and performing. Tom achieved proficiency on a number of brass and woodwind instruments, and in his so-called retirement is still repairing and servicing brass and woodwind in the North-West area of NSW.

He relates to much of the classical early Australian verse of Gordon, Lawson, Paterson etc. and therefore much of his early poetry is in "bush poetry" style, that is, in regular rhyme and rhythm, and this genre is well suited to telling yarns, both true and far-fetched.

One of Tom's concerns, as a Christian, is that many of the present day writers and performers of bush poetry seem to treat life and death quite light-heartedly, and this reflects the view of society these days, where facing up to biblical truths is unsettling and uncomfortable. But the sad thing is that people are given a false sense of security about their own destiny with such ideas. Therefore Tom expresses a view that is different from the accepted norm and, at times, where appropriate, presents thoughts that are based on what the bible says, rather than what various minds, who ignore God, have come up with. Tom has felt a need to respond to some of their ideas, and these may be seen in Responses

However, Christians live in this world, and are not without a sense of humour, (for that's how God made us) and in Tom's case, at times there is a sense of the ridiculous. Therefore there is much in his work that is not directly Christian, but just stories, or straight-out fun.

But just in case you should think Tom is restricted to one style, he also writes in other genres, such as sonnet, blank verse, and free verse. So while some folk will not agree with some of what Tom writes, and Tom doesn't agree with all that he reads either, everyone will find that his work is very readable and accessible for the average person, and will touch various emotions that we all have experienced.

At the present time Tom is working on a second volume of Christian sonnets, as a follow-up to "Fifty Two Sonnets of Glory and Grace".